Are Smarties Gluten Free?

People nowadays want to know what foods are gluten free even Smarties. So are Smarties gluten free? Lets find out:

Yes, Smarties are gluten free according to the Smarties candy website. And unlike most other types of candy, they are not used on machines that are used to manufacture or package gluten foods which means there is absolutely no risk of cross contamination.
Smarties was founded in 1949 by candy maker Edward Dee. To this day, Smarties are the only candy that the Dee family makes. Smarties now come in multiple flavors including tropical, and are made 24 hours a day seven days a week in two factories. Edward Dee says that literally billions of Smarties have been produced and consumed all over the world.

So are Smarties TRULY gluten free. Yes! That means they serve as a great candy for those with celiac disease and for those individuals who have voluntarily chosen to not eat gluten.
As always, watch your sugar and candy intake to avoid health risks such as obesity, Type II diabetes and heart disease. Smarties should only be consumed on occasion as a treat.

Suzanne Somers

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