How Many Carbs In Watermelon?

So you have wondered how many carbs are in that watermelon slice you are about to enjoy at the company picnic?  The answer may surprise you.

Watermelon is extremely sweet, but contrary to popular belief it is not as bad for you in terms of carbohydrates as one might think.  One wedge of watermelon, which equates to about 1/16 of the entire watermelon, contains just over 20 carbs per serving. While this may be a lot if you are on a carb restricted diet, eating smaller portions may be allowed on your meal plan.

There are 2 carbs in one ounce of watermelon.  If you are weighing your pieces and want to determine what one ounce is, it is approximately 28 grams of watermelon. In one cup of watermelon, whether scooped in balls or cut into squares, there are approximately 13 grams of carbs.  The trick to eating watermelon while on a carb restricted diet is to keep your portions small.  Rather than grabbing an entire wedge of watermelon, consume a smaller portion.  One cup portions are recommended in order to keep the carb count lower.

The most accurate way to determine your carb count is to cut the watermelon into portions, small squares or balls, and weigh the fruit on a food scale.  This will give you the most accurate means of keeping track of the carbs you consume.

Suzanne Somers

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