How Many Carbs In Strawberries?

In one cup of fresh Strawberries there may not be as many carbs as one might think.  Yes, they are sweet, sugary and taste great, but that doesn’t mean they are filled with carbs.

Canned Strawberries contain a lot of carbs, but this is not true of fresh Strawberries.  One normal size strawberry contains 0.5 carbs and in a larger over-sized strawberry there is just 1.5 carbohydrates.  This is not a lot of carbs considering the strawberry’s sweet taste.

If you are trying to reduce your carb intake…
It is best to eat raw Strawberries that have been left in their natural state.  Of course, you do want to wash the fruit and remove the stem before eating.  However, adding chocolate, whipped cream and other syrups won’t be good for the waistline if you are on a carb restricted diet.

Canned Strawberries should also be avoided if you are cutting carbs.  Most canned Strawberries are packed in heavy syrup that contains a lot of sugar.  In one cup of canned Strawberries there can be as much as 60 grams of carbs, and that is leaning toward the conservative side of counting.

The best way to reduce carbs when it comes to eating Strawberries is to restrict yourself to eating a few at a time.  Smaller portion sizes will keep the excess carbs at bay and promote your carb restriction efforts.


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