How Many Carbs In Cabbage?

Cabbage is considered low in carbohydrates.  With that said, there are only 7 carbs in one cup of cooked Cabbage.  That is low!  Let’s look at the specifics of Cabbage and its related carb count.

Raw Cabbage contains a much higher carbohydrate count than cooked Cabbage because of the heating process that takes place during cooking.  During the heating process the naturally occurring sugar in the leaves breaks down, leaving a lower carb count once prepared.

In one cup of cooked Cabbage there is only seven grams of carbs but in one cup of shredded raw Cabbage there is twice that – about 21 grams of carbs.
While most people only consume a cup or two of Cabbage at a time, it may be useful to know the carb count in an entire head of Cabbage.  One average size head of Cabbage yields about 70-75 carbs.  Red Cabbage and green Cabbage offer the same carbohydrate count. In one head of red Cabbage there is approximately 70 carbs and in one head of green Cabbage there is about 72 grams of carbs.
 Chinese Cabbage is slightly different in carb count, yielding approximately 0.5 carbohydrates per ounce.  This is equal to 27 grams of Cabbage.

For an accurate way to weigh your Cabbage so that you can determine the exact carb count a food scale that includes grams and ounces is highly effective.  If you are watching your carbs, keep the portions small.

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