Are Sesame Seeds Good For You?

Sesame seeds are good for you because of the wide variety of health benefits surrounding their nutritional content. Sesame seeds, if eaten in moderation, can benefit your heart as well as your waistline.  Let’s take a close look at why these seeds are beneficial to your system.

Once believed to possess magical powers among ancient Chinese medicine, it is actually the nutritional value that provides health and vitality to a person.  Sesame seeds are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper and contain a load of fiber.  You won’t have to suffer from constipation when you regularly enjoy a small portion of sesame seeds.

The copper found in sesame seeds works to support blood vessels and promote bone health.  Copper is great for reducing swelling and inflammation, as well as pain linked to arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.  Sesame seeds also contain magnesium which can be beneficial for lowering a person’s blood pressure and reducing the occurrence of migraine type headaches.
Sesame seeds also contain antioxidants that work to cleanse the blood system by removing free radicals that give rise to premature aging and related conditions.  Some of these free radicals that are removed have been related to cancer causing conditions.

Eating a portion of raw sesame seeds each day can reduce the risk of developing certain kinds of cancer and diseases.

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