How Many Carbs In An Orange?

Oranges have moderate levels of sugar and are packed with nutrients and vitamins. Wondering how many carbs are in an orange? The answer may surprise you.

While oranges are not always found on a low-carb diet menu, they are not as high in carbs as one might think. In a half of an orange there are just under 9 grams of carbs. This number is the net carb content rather than the gross. This means that fiber is taken into account which lessens the overall carb content found in the orange. There are exactly two grams of fiber found in a half of an average sized orange.

In one medium sized orange there are as many as 15 grams of carbs.  The larger the orange, the more carbs it contains. The carbs are derived from the natural sugar found in the fruit.  Oranges are fairly average when it comes to placement on the glycemic index because of their carb and sugar content. The average glycemic number for an orange is 42.

If you are trying to cut back on your carb intake and the number of sugars you consume in a day, oranges should be eaten in moderation. Rather than having an orange everyday, skip a day or two in between. Now that you know how many carbs are in an orange you can decide how much and how often you want to consume the fruit.

Suzanne Somers

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