How Many Carbs In An Avocado?

Avocados are a very nutritious food that health experts recommend  incorporating into your diet. Most people are aware of the high fat content in avocados, but how many carbs in an avocado are there? It depends on the size, but there are 13 carbs in a small avocado, 17 carbs in a medium avocado and 24 carbs in a large avocado.

Avocados can be used on low carb diets except during the induction phase of Atkins. Even though they do have carbs they are high in fiber, which decreases the net carbs. For example, one avocado has 10 grams of fiber, so you can deduct that amount from the carbs. So if you have a small avocado with 13 grams of carbs and 10 grams of fiber, it only has 3 net carbs. That's a very low total.

Avocados are loaded with good fat that cuts down on your cholesterol. One avocado has 20-30 grams of fat and also has a lot of folate and vitamin b6. The reason avocados are so healthy is because the fat is monounsaturated compared to saturated. the average avocado only has 2-5 grams of saturated fat.

Avocados are a great addition to a salad or other healthy recipes. If you're going to eat avocados be careful what you pair them with. Many people use them in unhealthy Mexican food recipes that have a lot of calories and saturated fats.

Suzanne Somers

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