How Many Calories In Veal?

Veal is typically only eaten on special occasions and is even banned from being eaten by many religions. Veal is often considered juicier and more tasty than regular steak because it is meat from from a young calf.

The calorie count in veal depends on how it is prepared. A typical pan fried or grilled four once serving size of veal contains approximately 200 calories and just seven grams of fat. Veal is an excellent source of protein as one serving has 30 grams. The juicy and tender meat is approved for all low carbohydrate diets because it has zero carbohydrates in it.

Obviously the preparation methods of veal will contribute to the number of calories it has, as well as any condiments that are eaten with it. The majority of people order veal in a restaurant. Most establishments choose to fry the veal, which adds to the calorie count. If you’re  looking for a way to keep calories down, ask the server to have the chef grill your veal instead.

Veal comes in different varieties such as Bob veal, formula fed veal, non-formula fed veal, and free raised veal. The type of veal typically has no bearing on how many calories it contains.

Veal was mainly used in Italian and French cooking dating back to ancient times. It is often served in cutlet form.

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