How Many Calories In Turkey Sausage?

Wondering how many calories are in turkey sausage versus regular beef sausage? The answer may surprise you.

Turkey sausage is about the healthiest in terms of low fat and calories than any other sausage.  Turkey, by nature, is low in calories and fat, has very little cholesterol and provides a great source of nutrition to those trying to lose weight and keep their calories at an all-time low. In one turkey sausage link there are about 45-50 calories.

This is a low number when it comes to sausage.  Most beef sausage links yield 100-200 calories.  That number can greatly increase if you cook your sausage in oil, fatty grease or butter.

Most people consume several sausages at a time and forget all about their portions.  If you are trying to keep your calorie count low and are watching what you eat then you should reduce the amount of sausage you intake.  It is better to eat just one or two sausage links (one if you are eating anything but turkey sausage) in order to reduce the number of calories you consume.
Jennie O turkey sausages are considered the lowest in calories.  In two breakfast sausage links there are only 90 calories.  That is just 45 calories a piece.

So, how many calories in turkey sausage will depend on the brand and the number of links you eat.

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