How Many Calories In Tuna?

Tuna Fish in known for being one of the healthiest foods for kids and adults alike. Every day thousands of tuna fish sandwiches are consumed at lunches in schools, offices, restaurants and homes all over the country. One 6-ounce can of tuna fish packed in water has approximately 145-150 calories in it. That’s a great number considering how high it is in protein (27 grams).

Tuna also comes in cans packed with oil. This makes a big difference in the calorie total. One 6-ounce can of oil-packed tuna has over double the calories in it. It comes in at 300 calories when drained.

Tuna by itself is a very healthy source of protein and other nutrients. It should be part of any healthy diet. Along with being healthy it is also very inexpensive.
As with many other foods though, tuna fish can be turned into an unhealthy meal when you add it with certain foods and condiments. Mixing a can of tuna fish with half of a cup of mayonnaise adds as much as 400 calories, not to mention a lot of saturated fat. Also, using white bread can add as much as 300 calories for two slices.

If you want to enjoy tuna fish without breaking your healthy eating habits try mixing one can with two tablespoons of fat free or reduced fat mayo and two slices of whole wheat 45 calorie bread.

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