How Many Calories in Tortilla Chips?

Tortilla Chips are enjoyed by thousands of people every day. They seem to have this magical power of making any event a lot more fun and tastier. It’s not a party until the tortilla chips and salsa show up. So how many calories are in tortilla chips? A typical tortilla chip has about 14 calories in it. A serving of tortilla chips has about 141 calories in it. One serving size according to most chip manufacturers is one ounce. To put that into perspective, one cup has about 160 calories in it.

There are a variety of tortilla chips available such as whole grain, blue corn, low fat, and baked. Again, the typical tortilla chip has just over 140 calories in it. The low fat variety has approximately 120 calories per serving. Not that big of a difference considering the difference in taste. Baked tortilla chips also have about 120 calories per serving. Fat free tortilla chips, which are mostly sold at specialty food stores, have about 60 calories per serving.

The most popular brand of tortilla chip is Tostitos. The Tostitos tortilla chip fits the profile of an average tortilla chip with 141 calories per serving. Their serving size is 14 chips.

Tortilla chips have little nutritional value and should be enjoyed in small doses. A serving or two combined with some low sodium salsa actually makes for a relatively healthy snack.

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