How Many Calories In Tomatoes?

Tomatoes are considered to be high in calories when it comes to vegetables, especially when compared to lettuce which contains about one calorie per serving. In one medium sized tomato there is about 36 calories, which means that in two sliced tomatoes there are approximately 70-72 calories. However, tomatoes are not vegetables, so the comparison is null.

Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin C and work in the body much like blueberries or other antioxidant fruits.  They give the immune system a little boost without causing harm to your weight loss efforts.

The calorie content in tomatoes varies depending on the size and variety.  Cherry tomatoes contain about 5 calories in each one, as compared to 65 calories in one large tomato.  The smaller the tomato the less calories.  If you are trying to keep calories low, then you may want to just eat a few cherry tomatoes or limit the slices of large varieties you eat. In one cup of cherry tomatoes there are about 30 calories, which is comparable to one medium sized tomato.  Cherry tomatoes are great for salads when on a diet because they are so low in calories.  A handful of cherry tomatoes offers just 25-30 calories and can be quite filling.

If dieting, you will want to avoid frying up your tomatoes unless you don’t care about the 150-250 calories per serving they provide.

Suzanne Somers

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