How Many Calories In Tequila?

The calories in tequila may vary depending on the size of shot glass you use, but for the most part, a traditional 1.5 ounce shot glass holds 100 calories worth of tequila. Calorie content may vary slightly depending on the brand of tequila used.

One shot of Jose Cuervo offers about 70 calories, while Patron tequila averages about 105 calories per shot.  The reason some tequilas are higher in calories than others is contingent on the alcohol proof.  The higher the proof, the more calories.  This happens because the higher the proof, the more alcohol is found in the liquor.

There is typically no sugar, carbs, fat, cholesterol or protein found in tequila, only calories and alcohol – which leads to more calories.  Most people add in carbs and sugars, which then leads to more calories when they add juices, syrups and other ingredients to their tequila mixed drink.

If you want to keep your calories low when drinking tequila, limit the number of shots you consume and be cognizant of what other ingredients you are putting in your drink.  Orange juice, cranberry juice and sodas can add another 100-200 calories per drink, so be careful which ingredients you are mixing with.  Try low-cal juices, diet sodas and reduced sugar syrups to keep the calorie content at a minimum.

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