How Many Calories In Sugar?

There are many calories in sugar, but the exact number depends on the type and variety of sugar.  White sugar or table sugar is one of the most popular varieties and in one teaspoon there are approximately 15 calories.

Brown sugar is the second most popular variety of sugar and there are less calories than in white sugar.  In one teaspoon of brown sugar there are approximately 10-12 calories.  For weight loss purposes, brown sugar is recommended over white sugar because of the calorie content.

Sanding sugar is another type of sugar often used and provides about 15 calories in a single teaspoon.  You often see sanding sugar as decorations on cookies and other desserts around the holidays.  Sanding sugar is not typically used in most kitchens around the country.

Another choice in sugar is liquid sugar, which is used primarily for cooking desserts and other dishes.  Liquid sugar is nothing but granulated white sugar that has been dissolved, so the calorie content is very similar to that of white table sugar.  Liquid sugar does contain water and can either be white in color or amber.  Both colors offer the same calorie content and provide about 15 calories in one teaspoon or 50 calories in a tablespoon.

For weight loss purposes, it is best to eliminate table sugar and implement a natural sweetener like Stevia or other sweetening product.

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