How Many Calories in Strawberry Ice Cream?

Have you wondered how many calories are in that strawberry ice cream you have been craving?  Are you able to work it off in the gym in a reasonable amount of time or will cheating on your diet just not be worth it?

In a half-cup of strawberry ice cream there are approximately 130 calories. This is true of many varieties of ice cream, including vanilla and chocolate, and also of a wide number of brands of popular ice creams such as Breyer’s, Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s.  Strawberry is not considered a healthy ice cream because of its name, but does contain less calories than some of the peanut butter and caramel varieties.

Most people add a number of toppings to their ice cream and in doing so add another 200-400 calories per bowl.  By the time you add chocolate syrup, nuts and whipped cream, you end up consuming nearly 500-600 calories at one sitting.  This may be half or a third of your daily calorie requirements depending on how strict your diet is. There are healthier alternatives to ice cream, such as frozen yogurt or sorbet in a wide number of flavors, including strawberry.

Ice cream is one of those foods that are kept off the diet menu meal plan and avoided at all costs when trying to lose weight. Now that you know the calories in strawberry ice cream, you can make the decision to indulge.

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