How Many Calories In Splenda?

Splenda has become a very popular sugar substitute over the past decade. In fact, it is the number one product of its kind. Splenda is the brand name of the sucralose based artificial sweetener derived from sugar. Many people use it instead of table sugar as a way to cut down on their caloric intake. So how many calories in Splenda are there?

Look at the back of a Splenda packet and it will say zero. But that doesn't mean there are really zero calories in it. The FDA allows foods with less than five calories per serving size to be labeled as a zero calorie food. In reality, Splenda has 3.4 calories per packet. This is such a marginal amount that there is no reason for concern about ingesting too many calories from Splenda.

Splenda has come under fire recently by people claiming that there may be long term health affects. Studies conducted by major universities show that there are no long term adverse health risks from ingesting Splenda at common levels.
People who enjoy Splenda point to the fact that there are little calories and that Splenda keeps blood sugar levels regulated compared to table sugar. So now that you know how many calories in Splenda there are you can use this new information to help craft a diet and exercise plan to help you lose weight.


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