How Many Calories In Spinach?

One cup of raw spinach has approximately 7-8 calories. And packed within those 8 calories of spinach is a ton of vitamins and nutrients.

Other common serving sizes with calorie count include:
1 ounce – 7 calories?100 grams – 24 calories?1 package – 66 calories?1 bunch – 80 calories?1 pound – 105 calories

Most dietitians recommend spinach in heavy doses because of its low calorie count and high nutrition. If you are trying to watch your weight then you have to be very careful you don’t add too many extras to your spinach dish.
It’s quite easy to turn a spinach salad into a very unhealthy meal by adding copious amounts of dressing, croutons, cheese and other yummy extras. You might have 60 calories of spinach along with 800 calories of all the other things.
This is a common trap that people fall into. They feel like they’re being healthy by having a spinach salad yet do not understand why they continue to gain weight.

If you want to enjoy the health benefits of spinach without all the added calories it’s easy – you just have to be careful. For example, using two tablespoons of low fat dressing, an ounce of low fat cheese and some grilled chicken can provide a wonderful and tasty meal that is only 200-275 calories. To bulk up the salad just add more spinach and other veggies like red and green peppers, cucumbers and tomatoes.

Suzanne Somers

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