How Many Calories in Soreen Fruit Loaf?

Soreen Fruit Loaf is a malty, cinnamon and raisin based bread loaf that is similar to that of the American version of fruit cake. Ever wondered how many calories in a Soreen fruit loaf?  If so, we have the answers that will tell you just how much you have been eating.

Popular in the United Kingdom and Scotland, the Soreen fruit loaf offers on average between 105 and 125 calories per slice.  One slice of fruit loaf consists of about 35 grams if weighed on a food scale for accuracy.  Most of the make-up of fruit loaf is generated from carbs, while it does include protein and fat.  In 100 grams of Soreen fruit loaf there are approximately 300 calories or more, depending on the variety.  The more malty and fruity the loaf, the more calories typically found.

Soreen fruit loaf consists of dried fruits, malt and bread and is a popular dish in England, especially around the holidays. Raisins, nuts and malt are found in the loaf and in some cases, even alcohol.  The loaf is made up of fat, fiber, protein and lots of carbs.  In just one slice of fruit loaf there are about 1 gram of fat.  In an entire loaf, or 100 grams of the malty loaf, there are approximately 2-4 grams of fat.  While the nutrition is not ideal for weight loss, the fruit loaf is enjoyed by many.

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