How Many Calories In Shrimp?

Searching for how many calories in shrimp? In one medium sized shrimp, unharmed with butter or additives, there are approximately 6 calories.

In a jumbo sized shrimp that has been cooked in water and left natural there are 8 calories.  The size of the shrimp matters, as well as the ingredients, when determining how many calories are in shrimp. The calories greatly increase when you deep fry shrimp or saute it in butter.  Just one tablespoon of butter adds an additional 100 calories.

Knowing how many calories in shrimp is important if you are trying to lose weight and watch your calorie consumption. Steam your shrimp in water or add a dash of extra virgin olive oil instead of frying.  The best way to prepare shrimp the low-cal way is to grill it or saute it in olive oil.  Using a light dash of sea salt or pepper will keep the calories extremely low.

When you deep fry shrimp in battered flour and seasonings, you add an additional 40-60 calories.  This means that when you eat a basket of popcorn shrimp or deep fried dish, you consume between 400-500 calories, or more.
Preparing shrimp at home can cut the calories because you can monitor how it is prepared, but in a restaurant you do not have that kind of control.  Typically shrimp is fried in grease and oil that packs on the calories.  One small bowl of popcorn shrimp may contain 400 plus calories, and that doesn’t include the tartar sauce.

Suzanne Somers

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