How Many Calories In Sesame Chicken?

Chinese food is not the healthiest or low in calorie choice when selecting something to eat. If you are watching your calorie intake, you may want to avoid the sesame chicken because it is high in calories and sodium.

Sesame chicken is typically deep fried and served in a flavorful sauce that contains loads of calories.  Depending on the brand or restaurants, sesame chicken can contain between 300 and 600 calories per serving.  Dumped over white sticky rice and the calorie content goes up even more.

P.F. Chang’s is a popular place for sesame chicken and in one portion size of this famous dish there is about 350 calories. This number does not include rice or anything else eaten along side the entree.  This same portion size at P.F. Chang’s offers 15 grams of fat and 26 grams of carbohydrates.  While not the healthiest, it is actually better than most Chinese food dishes.

Most frozen food entrees that contain sesame chicken range in calories between 280-400.  The number is lower if the dinner is considered a healthy or light version.  Health Choice is a popular frozen entree brand that offers its sesame chicken dishes at just under 300 calories.  The sesame chicken is lightly breaded and contains a host of veggies to offset the calorie count.
If you want to cut calories in your diet, the most important factor is cutting the portion size.


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