How Many Calories in Seaweed Salad?

Seaweed Salads have long been a fixture in the Asian diet. Healthy Asian foods have soared in popularity in the last 15 years. One of those foods is seaweed salad. Seaweed is full of vitamins and nutrients such as iron, vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, and antioxidants that support immune health. But just how many calories are in seaweed salad? It depends on the recipe being used.

Most seaweed salads are made of Kelp and Wakame. They often incorporate soy sauce, vinegar, and some sort of cooking oil. The most common serving size of Japanese seaweed salad is two ounces. According to Japanese health experts, a two ounce serving has just 75 calories in it. This bodes well for people looking to live a healthy lifestyle by consuming this type of salad. You get a ton of vitamins and nutrients without consuming very many calories. This shows how nutritionally dense seaweed salads are. Seaweed salads also have about 3-5 grams of fat, 7-10 grams of carbohydrates, and about one gram of protein.

The seaweed salad is the perfect companion to a nice fresh fish meal such as sushi. The protein in fish along with the vitamins and nutrients in seaweed salad make for what could be one of the healthiest meals out there. Eaten in moderation, seaweed salad can be enjoyed for its many health benefits.

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