How Many Calories in Sauerkraut?

In one serving, or a cup, of sauerkraut there are approximately 30 calories.  The calorie content is considered to be low, but most people consume sauerkraut with fatty sausages and high calorie hot dogs. However, sauerkraut can be a low cal snack if eaten by itself or with other vegetables and lean protein sources. Sauerkraut is a low cal snack that can be added to main dishes to flavor them up and fill your stomach.

Sauerkraut does not contain a lot of nutritional value by itself so the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that it not be eaten by itself to lose weight.  It is recommended that sauerkraut be eaten alongside a protein source that is lean and low calorie.

Sauerkraut does contain a healthy dose of vitamin C and is considered to be an antioxidant.  In one cup of sauerkraut there is about 40 percent of recommended daily allowance.  Vitamin K and Vitamin A can also be found in sauerkraut, which makes it a great antioxidant food.

The pickling process of sauerkraut makes the sodium content extremely high, so it is not recommended for those who retain water.  In fact, in one cup of sauerkraut there is almost 1,000 mg of sodium.  While the calories may be low, the sodium levels are extremely high so it is important to drink lots of water when eating sauerkraut.


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