How Many Calories in Saltine Crackers?

Saltine Crackers have seemingly been around since the beginning of time. These crackers are used as an addition to your favorite soup, as a companion to cheese, or maybe when your stomach is a little upset. But just how many calories are in saltine crackers?

The plain old saltine cracker with salt specks on it has 14 calories in it. It also has about .33 grams of fat, 2.15 grams of carbs, .30 grams of protein and 33 mg of sodium.

Knowing how many calories are in one saltine is helpful, but most people eat many more than that in one sitting. Most people end up eating about an ounce. One ounce of saltine crackers has 122 calories in it. To help put that into perspective, one entire sleeve of saltine crackers has 485 calories in it. As far as nutrition, saltines do not offer much. Other than a trace amount of iron and potassium they have little nutritional value. Pairing them with healthy toppings such as cheese and vegetables can make for a relatively healthy snack as long as the amount eaten is kept under control.

Some saltine makers are now creating low sodium saltines. The calorie count for those is 11 calories per cracker. They also have virtually no sodium in them. The taste is very similar. These provide a healthier alternative to the regular saltine.

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