How Many Calories In Salami?

The number of calories in salami depends on a variety of factors.  First of all, the type of meat being used impacts the number of calories in salami.  Some salami varieties are made of beef while healthier alternatives may consist of turkey, bison or even pork.  In one slice of traditional beef salami there are approximately eighty calories.  This number does vary depending on the size of slice and type of salami.

If you are looking for a healthy alternative to salami, turkey is becoming the popular choice.  In one slice of turkey salami there are 60 calories.  This number varies depending on fat content in the salami.  Lean choices are available and provide an excellent source of protein while keeping the calories low.

Hard salami is high in calories and in one custard-style slice, there are close to 100 calories.  This means that sitting down for some sliced salami and crackers may not be the optimal choice in snack if you are trying to lose weight and keep calories low.  Salami is also high in sodium which causes fluid retention and weight gain.  If you must eat salami while dieting, the best choice is to slice the meat very thin and opt for a leaner variety, such as turkey or bison.   You can shed 20-40 calories off by slicing the meat thin.

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