How Many Calories In Refried Beans?

Order a dish at a Mexican restaurant and you’re likely to get a side order of refried beans. Refried beans are made from pinto beans that are cooked, drained and then cooked again. The number of calories in refried beans depends on how they are prepared.

Low calorie refried beans are likely to be found at the grocery store while the higher fat kinds are found at the restaurants. One cup of fat free or low fat refried beans at the store has 90-100 calories per half cup. A typical serving at a Mexican restaurant has between 250-350 calories per serving. These types of refried beans are so much higher in calories because they are cooked with added lard and cheese.

In fact, a side dish of  refried beans at an eating establishment often has as many as 30 grams of fat compared to less than 1.5 in a low fat serving from a can purchased at the store.

Enjoying refried beans can be part of a healthy diet. In fact, they have a lot of protein and fiber. They are high in sodium, but you can purchase low sodium beans. A whole wheat tortilla, some low fat cream cheese and cheese along with a half of a cup of fat free refried beans is very low in calories and full of healthy vitamins and nutrients.


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