How Many Calories in Ramen Noodles?

Ramen Noodles are a mainstay for college students across the globe, at least those on a tight budget.  But, what about people trying to lose weight and watch their figure.  Ever wondered how many calories are in Ramen noodles?

Packaged noodles, such as Top Ramen contain approximately 200-800 calories per package.  It is crucial to read the back of the packaging because some of the different varieties of Ramen noodles offer two servings per package.  If the noodles read 300 calories per serving, that means that if you eat the entire package you are consuming 600 calories. Many of the instant variety Ramen noodles that come in the Styrofoam cup contain 250-350 calories per serving, and most are just one serving per container.  While this may seem like a low calorie lunch, the noodles are anything but filling. Almost guaranteed will you become hungry within an hour of eating the Ramen noodles.

Sodium is a huge issue with Ramen noodles, or any pre-packaged noodles.  Most varieties contain 500 mg of sodium per serving and if you consume the entire pack, you could be taking in over a thousand milligrams of sodium at one sitting.

Remember, the American Heart Association recommends we eat less than 1500 mg of sodium a day – which most people ignore.  The average American consumes twice the recommended daily allowance.

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