How Many Calories in Radishes?

There are 20 calories in one cup of radishes, 1 calorie in a medium sized radish and no calories in one small slice of radish. That’s not many calories, even for vegetables.

Radishes are one of the most low-cal vegetables available, next to lettuce and cabbage.  Radishes are made up of a large percentage of water which adds to their low calorie value.  Radishes contain no fat, much like all veggies, and offer no substantial protein source.

Radishes can be prepared in high calorie fashion using butter and oil, but if you are trying to keep your calories low, radishes should be consumed in their natural or near-natural state.  Fresh radishes in a salad or steamed with herbs provide a tasty dish that is essentially calorie free. Due to the low calorie content of radishes, they can be munched on in between meals.  They are crispy and tangy when spritzed with vinegar and herbs.  Radishes are so low in calories that eating even a cup or two will do no harm whatsoever to your weight loss efforts.

Radishes contain a small amount of potassium and a trace of sodium.  In one large radish there is about 3 grams of sodium and 20 mg of potassium.  There is a slight amount of vitamin C in each radish, but not enough to substantiate it as an anti-oxidant veggie.

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