How Many Calories In Prunes?

The number of calories in prunes depends on how many you eat at one time.  Prunes are an excellent source of fiber and used around the globe as a natural laxative for those suffering from constipation or wanting to keep their digestive tract regular.

There are approximately 130 calories in six prunes that are dried and uncooked.  These are prunes that are seen in a package or box, much like raisin packaging.  Most prunes come in a standard size, but may differ slightly and as a result, change the calorie content every so slightly.  Most prunes range from 20-30 calories each as a good rule of thumb.

In six prunes there is less than a half-gram of fat, zero cholesterol and one gram of protein.  In the same number of prunes there are over thirty grams of carbohydrates and almost four grams of dietary fiber.  Prunes are an excellent source of fiber, therefore you must be careful not to overeat them.  You may spend the rest of the day in the bathroom if you do.

Prunes do contain sugars and in just six prunes there are nearly 20 grams of sugar.  Pitted prunes or non-pitted prunes both contain similar nutritional properties, although if weighing the amount of prunes you wish to eat, be sure and remove the pits so that your ounces are not misconstrued.  Happy eating!

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