How Many Calories In Pinto Beans?

Pinto Beans can be prepared in a healthy manner that offers few calories.  If you have wondered how many calories are in canned or homemade pinto beans, we have the details.

In a half-cup of homemade pinto beans made from dry beans, there are only 85 calories.  This is not a lot of calories. However, if you add ham, bacon and other fatty ingredients the calorie content can increase by as much as 100 calories per serving.

Canned pinto beans contain more calories than homemade beans.  In a half-cup of canned pinto beans there are about 130 calories.  The more natural the preservatives, the better the calorie content.  This means that the more natural the canned beans are, the less number of calories they contain. If you are trying to restrict your calories, you may want to cook the beans at home, as opposed to buying the canned varieties.  There are less calories in homemade pinto beans and you have more control of the ingredients and sodium content which can contribute to the calorie content.

Another way to cut back on calories is to reduce your portion sizes.  Instead of eating a full cup of pinto beans, you can choose to consume a half-cup, cutting the calories by about fifty percent.

Now that you know how many calories are in pinto beans, you can choose how to prepare them and how much you want to eat.

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