How Many Calories In Pancakes?

Pancakes are enjoyed in homes all across the globe. They are also served hot and ready in restaurants too. So how many calories are in pancakes? The average pancake has is four inches in diameter and has approximately 90 calories.  40 percent of the calories are fat and the rest carbohydrates and a tad bit of protein.

Although pancakes are not too bad for you by themselves, it’s the fixings that make them so unhealthy. When you pour on the syrup and pile on the butter you’ve now got a very high calorie meal.

If you want to enjoy pancakes without blowing your diet you can cut down on the calories by using reduced calorie and fat pancake mix along with sugar free syrup and low fat margarine. Also, it helps when you make smaller pancakes that are three inches in diameter opposed to 4-5.

This sort of healthy pancake has just 35 calories per 3-inch pancake. That’s pretty low. Add the sugar free syrup and low fat margarine and you’re still looking at just 55 calories altogether. That means you can enjoy four pancakes and still only consume 220 calories. This goes to show you that you can enjoy some steaming hot pancakes without interrupting your healthy lifestyle. To top it off try adding some fresh fruit, egg whites, and turkey bacon to your meal.

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