How Many Calories In Olives?

In one medium sized olive there are approximately 6 calories.  The calories increase as the olive size gets larger. Most olives are about the same when it comes to calorie content.  The average olive contains between 5-6 calories each. Black or green olives contain about the same number of calories.  Smaller sized olives contain between 3.5 and 4 calories each.

Most people do not eat just one olive, so it is safe to say that if you consume six olives at a time, you will have consumed 35-40 calories.  Kalimantan olives are bit fattier and contain slightly more calories than the average green olive.  In one Kalimantan there are approximately 7-8 calories.

The best way to keep calories low when eating olives is to restrict the number of olives you consume.  This means that sitting down and eating an entire can of olives is out of the question.  Remember, the sodium content in olives is extremely high, so if you consume a large number of olives you may retain water and actually see the scale increase in number.

In one small olive there are approximately 30 mg of sodium.  Eating multiple olives increases the sodium content so it is important to drink a lot of water when eating olives.

Most people think that olives are high in fat, which contributes to the calories. This is somewhat true, but there is not as much of the ‘bad’ fat as one might think.  In one small olive there are only 0.25 grams of fat.

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