How Many Calories In Nutella?

The most common spread besides butter and peanut butter is Nutella. This is a hazelnut spread that has become widely popular with children because of its chocolate resemblance and taste.  But, how many calories are in that tablespoon of Nutella and is it healthier than other spreads?

In 2 tablespoons of Nutella there are exactly 200 calories.  That seems to be a lot of calories, especially if added to two slices of bread that average 125 calories each.  By the time you have made your Nutella sandwich, you may be consuming close to 500 calories. There are about 22 grams of carbohydrates in this same 2 tablespoon amount of Nutella and 11 grams of fat.  Nutella is about the same, when it comes to calorie content, as peanut butter unless you opt for the sugar free or low-fat varieties.  Nutella is considered to be very high in calories, unlike cream cheese or low fat peanut butter spreads.  Nutella contains a lot of fat and sugars, contributing to its high carb ratio.

The base of the spread is made of hazelnuts, so the fat content is considered to be healthy, however, there is a lot of sugar in the spread. For those watching their weight and restricting the number of calories taken in, Nutella might not be the best spread.  Nutella is low in cholesterol and contains such vitamins as copper and vitamin E.

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