How Many Calories In Mustard?

Mustard is a low calorie condiment that provides a healthy alternative to mayonnaise.  In most mustard varieties, with the exception of honey mustard, there is virtually no fat and hardly any calories in comparison.  A teaspoon of French’s traditional yellow mustard contains zero calories and zero grams of fat.  Some of the honey mustard varieties contain more calories than yellow mustard.

Dijon mustard is surprisingly low in calories, but slightly higher than the traditional hot dog or yellow mustard.  Dijon mustard is made of distilled vinegar, Chardonnay wine, and lots of seasonings including mustard seed.  In one teaspoon of Dijon mustard there are approximately five calories.

Another popular mustard variety is spicy brown mustard which contains approximately 5 calories in just one teaspoon. Spicy brown mustard contains no fat or cholesterol and 80 mg of sodium per teaspoon.  The robust flavor makes it popular for those trying to lose weight on a bland diet because the flavor enhances the food.

Honey mustard is another popular choice, but because it is slightly higher in calories is often avoided when trying to lose weight.  Honey mustard typically contains 10-20 calories per teaspoon serving.  Honey mustard contains less sodium than most mustard varieties but slightly higher sugar and sweetening content, which is why the condiment tastes less bitter.  Overall, mustard is low in calories and provides a great alternative to fatty mayonnaise and dip.

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