How Many Calories In Mushrooms?

There are not many calories in mushrooms.  In fact, they are one of the lowest calorie foods available. One medium, raw and standard sized mushroom yields about 3 calories, while one slice of the same sized mushroom offers about one calorie. That’s not many calories!

Mushrooms do contain small amount of protein but no fat to speak of. They are great to add to salads or even eat sauteed in extra virgin olive oil because they fill you up but do not pack on extra calories.

One of the best and most popular versions of mushrooms to eat is the Portobello.  One cup of Portobello mushrooms offers about 40 calories and is quite tasty when seasoned up and grilled.
Canned mushrooms are also extremely low in calories.  A half-cup of mushrooms from the can that have been drained and cooked brings about 19 to 20 calories.

One of the highest calorie contents found among mushroom types is the Shiitake mushroom.  One medium sized Shiitake offers about 10-12 calories and in one cup of mushroom pieces and slices of Shiitake there are about 85 calories.  This is high in the mushroom world because most are extremely low in calories.

Unsalted and fresh mushrooms are the best for you and lowest in calories.  If you are trying to keep your calorie content low, it is best to eat smaller amount of mushrooms – but overdoing it won’t hurt.

Suzanne Somers

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