How Many Calories In Mexican Rice?

Mexican Rice is full of flavor and spices that make it a beloved dish by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Its just of those foods that brings people together because it tastes so good. So how many calories in Mexican Rice are there?

A traditional Mexican Rice dish followed by the majority of restaurants has 200 calories per one cup serving. that's quite a bit considering that the average serving is about 1.5 cups. This means your little side dish of Mexican rice on the corner of your plate has 300 calories in it. And that doesn't even account for the cheese that often times is melted on top. Add that in and you can add an additional 75 calories to that.

Rice has a lot of calories in it just by itself. Add in lard, cooking oil, cheese, beef, spices and sauces and you've added a ton of calories to a food that is already full of calories without adding anything to it.

Mexican rice is not good for you because its high in carbs and fat and has little protein. This is a sure fire recipe for adding inches to your waistline.
That doesn't mean you should not enjoy it Mexican rice on occasion. Losing weight is all about moderation not abstinence. You can enjoy dishes like Mexican rice as long as its every once in awhile.

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