How Many Calories In Meatloaf?

Depending on what kind of meat you use, meatloaf can contain many calories.  In order to keep the calories low, the right meat must be used.

The best kind of meat to use for a low-cal meatloaf is turkey burger. While there are wide varieties of fat content in turkey burger, selecting a lean ratio is beneficial.  One slice of 85/15 ground beef contains 210 calories, while the same sized turkey meatloaf slice contains about 150 calories.  One serving slice of meatloaf is about three ounces.

Turkey meatloaf contains less calories than beef and in order to keep the calorie count low you must eliminate the red meat and make your meatloaf with something healthier.  In a slice of turkey burger meatloaf there are 8 grams of fat, 5 grams of carbs and 13 grams of protein. Eliminating ketchup and other sugar-based sauces can also keep the calories down.

Another way to keep calories low when preparing meatloaf is to eliminate olives, cheese and eggs and use egg whites and vegetables to mix with the meat.  This will reduce the calories by 50-60 per slice.  Smothering the meatloaf in cheese and tomato paste can add even more calories and would be detrimental to weight loss efforts. When you grease the pan to bake your meatloaf, think about the amount of spray or oil being used.  Less is more when it comes to calorie counting.

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