How Many Calories In McDonalds Oatmeal?

McDonalds is widely known for their fatty burgers, salt induced fries and sugary drinks. In late 2010, McDonalds added oatmeal to their menu in an effort to step in the right direction health and calorie wise. So how many calories in McDonalds oatmeal, you ask? They have two different varieties of oatmeal.

There are 290 calories in fruit & maple oatmeal and their apple cinnamon walnut oatmeal contains 270 calories. Lets breakdown the calories for both of McDonalds oatmeal variations. 

McDonalds Fruit & Maple Oatmeal
The oats by itself has 190 calories. The diced apples and cranberry raisin blend tact on 80 calories and 17 grams of sugar, but its worth it considering the fruit is the healthiest aspect of the oatmeal. Last but not least there is light cream added to McDonalds bowl of oats which adds in 25 calories.
 So the total number of calories for fruit & maple oatmeal comes to 290, but if you order this without brown sugar, then you can shave off 30 calories.

McDonalds Apple Cinnamon Walnut Oatmeal
The oatmeal alone contains 200 calories. When you toss in the diced apples and walnuts, that will add 50 more calories. And this oatmeal rendition also contains the light cream which comes to 20 calories.
After calculating the numbers there are 270 calories in apple cinnamon walnut oatmeal.

You can rest easily now that you know how many calories in McDonalds oatmeal. Unlike most of McDonalds menu items their oatmeal is low in calories and exceptionally lacking in sodium. Just be careful to not order sugary juice with your oatmeal order or you will sabotage your low calorie efforts.

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