How Many Calories In Mayonnaise?

Mayonnaise can contain many calories, much more than other condiments, because it is high in sugar and fat.  Mayonnaise is one of those ingredients you should leave off of your sandwich if you are trying to cut back on your calorie intake and lose weight.

In one tablespoon of mayonnaise there can be as much as 75 calories.  Most people do not use only one tablespoon of mayonnaise on their sandwich, but rather use two or three tablespoons.  This is also true of salads and pastas.  Many recipes call for one cup of mayonnaise, or as much as six tablespoons in a macaroni salad.  This means that you may consume an additional 200 calories just in mayonnaise alone.

Real mayonnaise found on the grocery store shelves offers nearly 100 calories per serving size of one tablespoon.  If you use mayonnaise on a sandwich, you may consume 200-300 calories if you use a lot of the creamy condiment.

Mayonnaise is considered to be one of the highest calorie condiments because of its oil and fat ingredients.  Mustard is a much better choice when it comes to reducing calories in sandwich spreads. Sugar free and fat free alternatives are available among mayonnaise varieties.  It is important to read the labels on the back of the jar if you are trying to reduce your calorie content.  Cutting serving sizes can also help.

Suzanne Somers

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