How Many Calories In Mashed Potatoes?

Mashed Potatoes are hardly considered diet food, but for those who wonder how many calories are in mashed potatoes with and without gravy, we have the details.

In one cup of regular mashed potatoes there are approximately 220 calories.  Add a scoop of brown gravy on top and you can tack on another 150 calories.  Plain mashed potatoes made with regular milk and butter bring in about 250-300 calories per cup.

If you are trying to cut back on your calorie intake but don't want to completely eliminate mashed potatoes from your diet, there are ways to do it.  Using skim milk instead of whole milk can drastically cut calories.  Also, eliminating butter from your mashed potatoes will cut nearly 100 calories off of your serving.

One of the most important tricks to cutting calories when it comes to eating mashed potatoes is to be aware of your portion size.  The larger the portion the more the calories.  If you cut back on your serving size to a half-cup rather than a full cup portion, you can cut your calories by 50%.

Using a different type of potato can also cut calories slightly.  Russet potatoes seem to be higher in calories than red potatoes, so changing up the type helps keep the calories a little lower.  Remember to keep your serving size small and you will reap the benefits of lower calories.

Suzanne Somers

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