How Many Calories In Lentil Soup?

The calories in Lentil Soup may vary depending on a variety of factors, including the bean type and broth used for the base. While there are not many calories in lentil soup, it is considered one of the healthiest soups you can eat.

The standard calorie count of one cup or one serving size of lentil soup is just under 200 calories.  In fact, most lentil soups made with a vegetable broth base contain 190 calories per serving.  Beef broth or chicken broth may up the calorie content slightly and push it over 210 calories per serving size.

Lentils are small, disc-shaped beans or legumes that are rich in dietary fiber.  One cup of lentil soup yields 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat, which is typically found in the legume. Lentil soup is rich in fiber which helps keep the stomach full for longer periods of time.  The soup can provide a healthy lunch or dinner, as well as a filling snack.  You will be less likely to snack in between meals when you eat lentil soup because it is so fiber-rich.

A wide number of vitamins and nutrients are found in the soup, including iron, zinc and potassium.  The beans provide a great source of vitamin A, E and even folate.  Eating a regular diet of lentil soup may actually work to reduce cholesterol levels due to the dietary fiber.

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