How Many Calories In Lasagna?

Lasagna may not be the healthiest food to eat if you are trying to cut calories, but there are few ways to keep the calorie content lower than you might think.

Most meaty lasagnas offer about 640 calories per standard serving.  These are the types of lasagna pieces you would get in an Italian restaurant or even if made at home using Ricotta cheese and white flour noodles.  Lasagna is not the most weight loss friendly food available.  With nearly 30 grams of fat per serving, lasagna is considered a ‘bad’ food that should be avoided if trying to lose weight.

There are some helpful tips to cutting calories when making lasagna.  You can actually cut the calorie content to 300 calories per serving if you use whole grain noodles, olive oil to replace regular oil, and eliminate the cheese.  Using low-fat cottage cheese instead of Ricotta cuts the calories significantly.
Another way to cut the calories in lasagna is to eliminate fatty meats and sausages.  Try using lean turkey burger as a replacement to fatty beef or Italian sausage.  Low-fat cheeses can be used and Parmesan is a great alternative.  Mozzarella can be used as well, but look for part-skim or reduced fat cheese options.

Using veggies is another trick to keeping the calories low when making lasagna.  Zucchini and squash are great alternatives to meat.

Suzanne Somers

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