How Many Calories In Jicama?

Wanting to find out how many calories are in Jicama?  Below you will find both the number of calories and information on this interesting food.

In one cup of sliced jicama there are about 45 calories.  This is not a lot of calories and since there is quite a bit of nutritional value in this food, it is often seen on dieters menu plans.

Jicama is a taproot vegetable that is actually part of the bean family. The underground portion of the root is very tasty and is one of the most popular edible roots – especially in countries such as South America, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean. Jicama can be eaten cooked or left raw.

Jicama is also known as the yam bean, Mexican water chestnut, or Mexican turnip.  With so many names, it has to be good.  But, many people report that they either love jicama or they hate it.

If you are trying to keep your calories low but still want to enjoy jicama on occasion, it is wise to keep your portion size low. This is true of any food, but since jicama is low in calories it can be eaten regularly without cutting back too much.  Slicing a half-cup portion will yield about 22 calories, which is hardly anything.

Jicama can then be added to your salad or other prepared entrees to spice up the flavor and make it taste better.

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