How Many Calories In Jack Daniels?

Jack Daniels is a popular whiskey product that contains about 67 calories per one ounce shot. There is no fat in Jack Daniels, so none of the calories come from fat, but are derived from the natural ingredients found in the alcohol. There are no carbohydrates, no sugar and no cholesterol in Jack Daniels, just old-fashioned alcohol.  Most people mix Jack Daniels with other ingredients, including soda, syrups, citrus juices and other alcohols.  In doing so, more calories are added.

The average mixed drink containing Jack Daniels provides 300-400 calories and is full of sugar and other ingredients.  Jack Daniels is rarely consumed by itself, but if you want to keep the calorie count down at just 67 calories, you will have to do a shot rather than add it to other contents.

Jack Daniels is a popular brand of whiskey which some argue is the most popular.  It was introduced to the mainstream in 1886 and has been growing in popularity ever since.  Jack Daniels can be used as a meat tenderizer because of its properties that break down fibrous strands of protein in the meat.  It is also used in marinades to enhance the meat’s flavor. Usually when cooking with Jack Daniels, the energy is used up and very few calories are added to the dish you are preparing.


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