How Many Calories In Italian Sausage?

Italian Sausage, depending on how it is made, can contain a lot of calories.  If you have wondered how many calories are in Italian sausage then read on and find out the details.

In one Italian sausage link, approximately five inches long, there are 250 calories.  If you are using Italian sausage on your pizza or other dish, remember that there are 50 calories in one cubic inch. The calories can add up if you aren't careful, so if you are trying to lose weight and cut the calories you consume, it is best to keep track of the amount you use.

If you are weighing out the sausage on a food scale, a good rule of thumb is that there are 95 calories in one ounce of raw Italian sausage and 70 calories in one ounce of cooked sausage. Raw sausage has less calories than the same amount of cooked sausage.  This is true of sausage links too, so it is important to compensate for more calories if calculating the number found in cooked sausage links.

Cutting back on your portions of Italian sausage will also reduce the number of calories you consume.  Since there are a lot of calories in Italian sausage, watching your portions is critical if trying to lose weight.  The best way to know how many calories are in Italian sausage is to read the packaging label.

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