How Many Calories In Italian Dressing?

In one tablespoon of Italian salad dressing there are about 45-55 calories. The calorie content can vary depending on the ingredients of the dressing, but most standard brands average about 50 calories per serving size of one tablespoon.

Most people use more than a small serving size of dressing on their salad.  One tablespoon is not that much salad dressing to moisten the lettuce leaves.  The average use of salad dressing measures between 4 and 6 tablespoons per bowl of salad – now that’s a lot of Italian dressing!

If you use a standard bottle of Italian dressing and adhere to the average amount put on salad, you will have consumed nearly 300 calories from the dressing alone.  If you are trying to lose weight and eating salad, the dressing can damage your efforts. The best way to cut calories, or at least manage them when it comes to eating salad is to measure out the amount of dressing used.  If you are ordering salad from a restaurant, ask for the dressing on the side so that you can gauge how much dressing you are using.  There can be a lot of calories hidden in the dressing alone.

Italian dressing consists of oil and vinegar with a lot of seasonings.  The oil is where you will find most of the calories.  Using a lower calorie olive oil can greatly reduce the calorie content of your dressing.

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