How Many Calories In Hummus?

Hummus is a popular snack food that originated in the Middle East. Hummus has made it’s way to Western culture and is a very popular snack food primarily used as a dip for crackers and chips. It is also used as a spread for different kinds of bread. Since hummus is such a popular snack food, just how many calories in hummus?

The traditional form of hummus has tahini in it. One cup of this traditional recipe has a whopping 450 calories in it along with 25 grams of fat. The reason hummus has this much fat in it is the tahini is made up of mostly sesame seeds.
The good thing is for all of you hummus lovers out there is that it is very difficult to consume an entire cup of hummus. Besides having a lot of calories in it, hummus does have some nutritional benefits including protein, vitamin b6, fiber, vitamin c and iron.

If you’re going to enjoy some chips and dip for the big game or the family reunion hummus is a healthier choose compared to other forms of dip such as ranch and cheese based dips that have no nutritional value and are very high in calories and fat. Low and reduced fat hummus recipes and ready to go packages can readily be found online and in stores.

Suzanne Somers

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