How Many Calories In Homemade Chili?

Wondering how many calories in homemade chili?  We have the details that will help you decide how to prepare the best chili for your waistline.

Traditionally, homemade chili consists of beans, meat, stewed tomatoes, water and garlic powder or chili powder.  The calorie content can vary greatly depending on what kind of meat you use to mix up your chili.  Turkey chili is lower in calories than traditional beef chili.

In one bowl of homemade chili made with ground beef there are about 350 calories, but in one bowl of chili made with ground turkey there are 195 calories.
Clearly, making homemade chili with extra lean ground turkey is easier on the thighs and hips than consuming a bowl of high fat ground beef chili.

The key to reducing calories also depends on the amount you eat.  Two and three bowls of chili could set you back over 1000 calories!  Who wants to eat that many calories at one sitting?

If you are trying to lose weight or reduce the number of calories you consume daily, it is best to watch your portion sizes.  Try eating a cup of chili rather than a bowl.  This can greatly reduce the number of calories you eat.

Now that you know how many calories are in homemade chili you can better decide how you want to prepare it and how to keep the number low.


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