How Many Calories In Hash Browns?

In one small serving of hash browns there are approximately 230 calories and in one medium sized serving there are 310 calories. Now lets put it into specifics.  One cup of hash browns yields 415 calories!  That's a lot of calories!

Rather than cooking hash browns at home and frying them up in oil, it is almost better to purchase a small portion of hash browns from your favorite fast food restaurant.  While not condoning fast food a McDonalds hash brown patty, single serving, offers just 150 calories. This is a lot less calories than a single serving from your homemade batch of hash browns.

However, McDonalds hash browns are among the lightest when it comes to calories.  Burger King hash browns are not as low in calories. One serving of Burger King hash browns offers over 600 calories and one serving of Denny's Restaurant hash browns offers 300 calories. Remember, this calorie content does not include the added ketchup or gravy slopped on top of your pile of potatoes.  By the time you get done with the Burger King hash browns and ketchup you may have consumed over 750 calories.

If you want to cut calories but still enjoy your hash browns, it is best to eliminate the ketchup and cook your potatoes in a light olive oil. Go easy on the salt and never add butter to the mix.  You can also reduce the calorie content by baking the potatoes rather than frying them.

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