How Many Calories in Grilled Chicken?

So how many calories in grilled chicken you ask? A piece of grilled chicken can run you between 130-150 calories and is considered the perfect diet food.  This, of course, is skinless and all natural. When you start adding fat, skin and grease, you may as well include another 200-400 calories.  Steer clear of the extra crispy chicken breast from KFC!

The best way to prepare chicken, for a low cal number, is to grill it.  Not only do you eliminate the grease and oil, but you allow the chicken to cook while excess fat drips off and onto the grill.  Grilling chicken can be a delightful dish and offers a low calorie protein source that is perfect for losing weight and building muscle.

Chicken is one of the leanest meats available, which is why it is ranked high on the nutrition list for bodybuilders.  Calories in grilled chicken can be cut by trimming off excess fat before cooking, but if any remains, the grill will take care of it.

Another effective way to keep calories low when grilling chicken is to baste the meat in olive oil, rather than butter or highly saturated oils.  Chicken breast can get dry if cooked too long so it is best to season with a light basting of olive oil in order to keep the calories low and the meat more moist.  Overcooking will also cause the meat to toughen and dry out.

Implementing grilled chicken breast into your diet can provide an excellent source of protein without packing on the excess fat and calories.

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