How Many Calories In Grapes?

Grapes make for the perfect fruit snack item without accumulating the calories. Grapes are low calorie, highly nutritious, bite-sized, sweet and good to eat. If you are on-the-go, you can handily carry your grapes in a small plastic container or in a Ziploc bag for a low calorie treat without sabotaging your diet.

    •    1 grape = 2-3 calories 
    •    10 grapes = ~ 33 calories 
    •    1 cup of grapes = 105 calories

As a suggestion, you can add a dollop of fat-free whipped cream on the side which will make your snack an even more tastier treat.

The number of calories in all grapes is generally the same despite the many different varieties that exist.  Whether the grape is red, white, seeded or seedless, or grown in America or Europe, you can still have comfort knowing that all grapes have approximately the same number of calories. It is important to understand that dried grapes (raisins) contain a higher number of calories than grapes because their natural sugars are concentrated – so remember that while raisins are just dried versions of grapes, nutritional information for both is vastly different. Besides knowing how many calories are in grapes, it is crucial to learn why you should incorporate them in your diet.

Unlike many sweet foods, you can eat several handfuls of grapes without packing on the pounds. The high water content in grapes will help keep you full and satisfied, which can prevent future unnecessary dashes to the kitchen. The excess levels of natural sugar in grapes can curb those pesky sugar cravings that often occur for many people in the mid-afternoon. Eating grapes throughout the day can prevent you from going on a high calorie eating spree. Not only that, eating grapes can help you avoid the 3pm sugar crash for good.
For a fruit that packs so few calories comes with its health-giving benefits. 

Grapes are highly nourishing for the human body. Scientific studies indicate that grapes have a high level of antioxidants that can treat, prevent, or event cure on-set diseases. Eating grapes is an ideal way to treat asthma, heart disease, migraines, high blood cholesterol and more. Grapes are so health-giving that they are known to prevent breast cancer and cataracts.

It is no wonder why news reports often state that drinking red wine (which is made of red grapes) can add years to your life. Think of France, a country that is notorious for its fattening bread, meats and cheeses. Compared to the United States, a country that has similar eating habits, the French have a lower risk of heart disease.  Health experts believe that the antioxidants in wine is what lowers the risk of heart disease.

So the next time you want to grab a quick snack, go for some grapes. Because you know how many calories in grapes along with the health benefits of eating them, why not indulge for this delicious fruit? It may save your life – or at least make it better.

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